Trixie - Mr Raccoon - Activity spiral

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There's lots going on here - perfect for entertaining little ones in a pram or playpen (the spiral can be looped around the bar or just secured with the handy rings) There are 3 little toys, all of which can be removed and attached separately.

Stimulating sight, touch and hearing there are crinkly bits, soft bits, rattly bits, textured bits, as well as a mirror, teething ring and Mr Raccoon's adorable face

Mrs Elephant , Mr Polar Bear and Mr Fox versions also available


Trixie are inspired by the infinite imagination of children. They celebrate this by creating beautiful products designed to encourage their imagination and stimulate their developing minds. Known for their keen eye for aesthetics it's not just babies and children that enjoy their designs!

Made From

Organic cotton



Approx 30 x 16 cm



Machine wash at 30 degrees