24 Bottles - Super-lightweight Urban Water Bottle - 500ml - Pistache Green

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We get it, plastic bottles are convenient and lightweight and some reusable bottles are heavy and annoying but not these ones!

Super lightweight (110g!) and real thought has gone into the top - single twist opening of the leak proof lid and a nice wide mouth with a rolled lip for comfortable drinking and easy cleaning (plus you can fit ice cubes in it!)

You can put ANY type of drink in them and they won't react (unlike aluminium) and this is thanks to their 18/8 stainless steel construction (no plastic liners here)

Production, packaging and transportation of the bottles is carbon neutral and every time you use your bottle instead of buying a plastic one you save 0.08kg of carbon being emitted (handily printed on the bottle to remind you what a great human you are, maybe not quite David Attenborough great but you're doing your best)

24 bottles is an Italian brand striving to rid the world of plastic bottles by producing a super lightweight, high quality, well designed alternative.

Made From

18/8 food grade stainless steel



Approx H 21 x 6.5 cm