School of Life - Calm Prompt Cards

School of Life - Calm Prompt Cards

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Counting to ten or taking deep breaths can help but sometimes you need something different to help calm you - keep these cards in easy reach and let their clever mixture of irony, philosophical insight and strategic pessimism give you some cheer, perspective or solace.

This small pack of prompt cards contains a collection of different observations and ideas to help us handle daily frustrations. Through ironic humour, consoling cultural references, and a small amount of pessimistic wisdom, they help to summon up our best and calmest selves.

Our favourite is: Everyone's messed is life up. All that varies is how obvious this is to others

60 cards in box

Based in London, The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence and have developed a range of books, games and card sets to help.


Approx H 7 x W 10 x D 4 cm