Meri Meri - Large Knitted Narwhal

Meri Meri - Large Knitted Narwhal

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Narwhals are where it's at… the unicorn of the sea that ACTUALLY EXISTS! Definitely our favourite thing that swims, possibly our favourite thing ever…

Knit in organic cotton with silver detailing and a tassel for the water spraying from his blow hole

This larger size is perfect for cuddling but he also comes in a smaller, more portable size for adventuring

Age 3 and up

From a kitchen table in Los Angeles to a studio in a 400 year old building in Cheltenham, England - Meri Meri has grown and grown but keeps true to it's roots: liberally sprinkle with glitter and all is well with the world!

Made From

Organic cotton



Approx 75 x 30 x 19 cm