memobottle A5 water bottle boxed

memobottle - A5 bottle - 750ml

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Why are water bottles round anyway?*

Some reusable bottles are heavy and difficult to carry, these genius bottles are just the opposite! Plus, they look infinitely better. Just because it's reusable doesn't mean it can't be plastic - memobottle use premium, BPA free plastic that will last and last

Designed to fit easily in your bag or to carry between meetings along with your notebook or laptop

Comes with two lids - one black and one white (copper lids also available) Packaged in a stylish giftbox

Based in Melbourne, memobottle’s aim is to change the public perception on reusable water bottles and encourage a more reusable society by providing a stylish, practical reusable bottle solution.


*well actually it started when bottles were glass and hand blown - they were naturally round and humans are notoriously adverse to change!

Made From

BPA-free plastic



Approx 24.5 x 15 x 3 cm



Max temp 50 degrees