Hubsch - Woven Jute Basket with black band

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Great for storing all those things that are easily lost or seem to expand to cover all available surfaces

We're thinking: a small one in the hallway for keys, work pass, wallet, sunglasses and an Allen key (then you'll always know where it is!); a middle sized one next to the sink in the bathroom for makeup, moisturiser and toner and the large one for by the sofa with a book, magazine, tv remote, ipad and tissues because: The Great British Bake Off and you may as well be prepared this year.

Designed in Denmark with a keen eye on the details, Hubsch (which is the German word for pretty) produce beautiful, high quality pieces we love

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Small - D 20 x H 18 cm

Medium - D 22 x H 19 cm

Large - D 25 x H 20 cm