Bramwell Brown - Black Mechanimated Weather Clock

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Wow. Just wow. We were so excited when we discovered these incredible, fascinating, intriguing clocks! 

Yes, it's a clock, but also a barometer - not just any old barometer but a beautifully illustrated, animated barometer. These are the only clocks with integrated barometers in the world and we think they are rather special. We know you can just look at your phone for the time and weather forecast but there is no beauty in that, this clock brings some theatre to your everyday, a little analogue beauty in a digital world.

The little illustrated scene changes with the air pressure, just like the barometers of old: very dry, fair, change, rain, and stormy. Can't wait for it to stop raining? Press the button and it'll whir into life and display all of the illustrations

Each clock is assembled by hand, in Hampshire, England, it's delicate, skilled work. Using a German-made quartz mechanism to move the clock’s hands means no pestering tick-tock, just a gentle whirr with a change in the weather.

Bramwell & Brown are a brother and sister team, based in London. With a fascination for spinning cogs and whizzing parts and remembering the grandfather clock and barometer in their childhood Lancashire home they set out to create a modern, mechanimated (best word ever) clock.


12.5cm deep, 33cm in diameter



Runs on 8xD-Cell batteries (included)