Mr & Mrs Clynk - Pouch - Panther - silk-screened canvas

Mr & Mrs Clynk - Pouch - Panther - silk-screened canvas

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A little pouch that's great for keeping all those little things that are lost forever on their own in your bag - we're thinking coins, Kirby grips, bobbles (hair ties), painkillers, earphones, chewing gum, tampons, Lego men, Allen keys (surprising how often you need one...)

Fully lined

Mr Clynk is Jérôme Clynckemaillie, an interior designer. Mrs Clynk is Karine, a textile designer .Two worlds which go extremely well together to create a collection of items, using both a traditional know-how and industrial techniques. They like to use simple, natural and timeless materials to combine uncluttered lines and poetry.

Made From

100% Cotton with leather zip pull


Approx 12 x 8 x 3 cm


Hand wash only