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Curiocity - London Book

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A new A to Z exploring every aspect of life in London, with striking reflections, practical ideas and itineraries, and contributions from London voices such as Monica Ali and Iain Sinclair. The book is illustrated by artists including Chris Riddell, Isabel Greenberg and Steven Appleby, and features hand-drawn maps charting everything from international communities, underground spaces and children's dreams to unrealised plans, erogenous zones and dystopian futures. Curiocity is a unique guide that will transform the way you see and experience London.

'The most ingenious, informative, inimitable, individual, innovative, insightful, inspiring, instructive, intelligible, intoxicating, intricate guide to the great city that I have ever seen. Bravo!' - Philip Pullman

However well you think you know London, you will discover something new on virtually every page, and the things you know well will be seen completely differently. Highly recommended' - The London Society

Hardback - 464 pages

By Matt Lloyd-Rose and Henry Eliot


19 x 26.5 x 4 cm