London s Hidden Walks The London we know is just the surface Volume 1 Book

London's Hidden Walks Vol 1 Book

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From open sunny squares to winding alleyways and quiet hidden corners, 13 off-the-beaten-path walks, rich in historical detail People love walking the streets of London, but there are always more questions than answers after a stroll through the city. This book is packed with interesting details about London's history, offering both personal tales of those that wandered the same streets in former years and a more general social and economic history of the different areas covered. Following any of the 13 walks will allow London visitors to walk in the footsteps of authors and statesmen, murderers and revolutionaries. Detailed maps illustrate the route and locations of buildings and points of interest.

Paperback - 392 pages

By Stephen Millar


10.5 x 15 x 3 cm