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Lune Mist is a great multi-use product that can be used as a pillow spray, facial refresher and toner or a spritz to be used on your yoga mat. Each bottle uses a blend of 100% essential oils to help relax and calm the mind and create a comforting space - also perfect on flights (meets liquid restrictions) to settle nerves and keep you feeling refreshed.

The combination of lavender, sweet orange and cedar wood essential oils have been used for hundreds of years to help alleviate stress related conditions such as insomnia, anxiety and depression and achieve a state of calm.

Presented in an amber glass spray bottle


Lune was created by Hannah when she couldn't find a completely natural pillow spray that she could also use on her yoga mat and face. After many months of experimentation she settled upon the lavender, sweet orange and cedar wood combination as they captured a fruity, floral and warm woody balance. Inspired by minimalist apothecary aesthetic, Lune’s packaging aims to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and on the bottles is written a positive message of self acceptance and love. Hannah says “I didn’t want to just sell products. I wanted to help people feel better about themselves whether that's by taking a moment to stop, breathe and enjoy the amazing calming aromas of essential oils, or by discovering a positive and uplifting message on the side of the bottle”.

Made From

Ingredients: Distilled water, distilled witch hazel (hamamelis water), lavender oil (lavendula officinalis), cedar wood oil (juniperus virginiana), sweet orange oil (citrus sinensis).






Shake well before use, spray 2-3 times across pillow, face or yoga mat, inhale, release and relax.