It's only taken me 15 years....

It's 15 years since I started working at the most wonderful shop, The Chestnut Pavilion, in Tarporley, Cheshire as a Saturday girl. It sold a wonderful selection of cards and gifts plus silk flowers and wedding favours. The best boss I ever had, Cathie Broster taught me so much and I am eternally grateful to her for employing me. It was the best job I ever had...

....and then I moved to London, did a degree in Economics and sold my soul to an investment bank. I'll never regret moving to London but the other two were not my finest decisions. Since then I've been making moves to eventually get me back to my first love, selling beautiful things. 

Working at Liberty and Burberry has given me a strong appreciation of British design and creativity and I've made sure to source a large proportion of my cards and presents from independent designers and British brands. I've balanced this with a little Northern European influence, some LA love and an Aussie (for good measure)

I know I'm not saving lives but hopefully I am brightening a few days with my flowers, cards and gifts. I love my job and am so glad I'm finally back. Come and say hello!

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